What is RVX Manager?

This is a tweaked version of Revanced Manager, designed specifically for ReVanced Extended by the developer Inotia00. With the assistance of RVX Manager, you can apply patches and elevate your ReVanced Extended experience to a new level. Additionally, RVX Manager supports certain Android apps, allowing you to utilize it for patching other applications.

Version : 1.5.2 | Size : 20.7 MB

Features of RVX (ReVanced Extended manager)


You can achieve enhanced compatibility with RVX Manager in ReVanced Extended. Inotia00, the developer of ReVanced Extended, created this application to address patching issues. Occasionally, the official ReVanced Manager may struggle to resolve patches in the Extended version. If you encounter difficulties while attempting to fix patches in extended apps, RVX Manager provides a solution.

Default Sources

In this app, the developer has included default sources to enhance user convenience. With these default sources, you no longer need to search for patches individually; simply utilize the provided sources to build your APK.

Import/Export Patches

RVX Manager supports importing and exporting patches. This allows you to use patches from your friends or source them from the internet, and then import them into your RVX Manager. This feature greatly enhances the utility of the app.

Import/Export Keystore

One of the most prominent features of RVX Manager is its uninstallation process. When you decide to uninstall RVX Manager after usage, it’s essential to export the keystore file before proceeding with the uninstallation. This precautionary step ensures that you have the necessary components when you reinstall the app on your device. By importing the keystore files, you can then seamlessly resume building apps.

Dark Mode

You have the option to select either dark or light mode according to your preference. This feature aids users in reducing strain on their eyes. When in low light conditions, the dark mode can be activated, which changes the theme to black. It’s important to note that this feature is exclusively available for Android version 12 or higher.

Supported Apps

Youtube MusicYoutube

How to install RVX Manager Apk on Android?

Follow the steps given below in order to download and install the RVX manager on your android device.

Note: This method will work on both rooted and non-rooted devices.

Step 1: First of all, go to the download page by clicking on the “Download” button given above.

Step 2: Now go to the Settings and allow installing from unknown sources. To do so go to the Settings>Security>Unknown Sources.

Step 3: Now navigate to the downloads folder in your gallery and select the apk file and click on the install button.

Step 4: Once it gets installed click on the open button.

Step 5: That’s it you have successfully installed the RVX Manager.

How to use RVX Manager on a Non-Rooted Device?

Step 1: First of all open the RVX Manager.

Step 2: Allow all the Permissions necessary to the app.

Step 3: Now tap on the “Select an application” button.

Step 4: Here, you can discover the recommended version of your desired app. If it displays “All versions,” you are free to add any version you prefer.

Step 5: Now download the apk file that you want to build.

Step 6: Now tap on the “Storage” button.

Step 7: Locate the .apk file you downloaded in Step 5, and then choose it.

Step 8: Tap on “Selected Patches” to personalize patches, or you can simply leave them as they are.

Step 9: Now tap on the “Patch Button” and wait until it shows the install button.

Step 10: Click on the install button.

Step 11: If you encounter a Play Protect warning due to the app being unfamiliar to Google, simply select “More Details,” and then proceed to click the “Install Anyway” option.

How to use RVX Manager on Rooted Device?

The process closely resembles the non-rooted guide, but with a notable difference. Upon launching the manager, you’ll be prompted to grant root permissions. What sets this apart is that you can directly choose supported apps from the “Select Application” page. This eliminates the necessity of downloading your desired .apk file from any external third-party websites. This streamlined approach simplifies the installation process and enhances user convenience.